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The Aircon shin guards mark a new chapter by offering a unique combination of protection, ventilation and flexibility.

By using its AVA compound, Flaxta has been able to create flexible and ventilated shin guards, providing unparalleled impact absorption on the pitch.

Aircon adapts to the shape of your legs, which ensures a close and personal fit. The grippy surface keeps the guards securely in place. The flexible shin guards are generously ventilated and the air channels at the back further increases airflow and comfort.

The included ergonomic and breathable shin guard sleeves keeps them exactly where you need them.

With the Aircon shin guards, Flaxta brings a new level of detail in protection and performance.

  • Incorporating AVA protection system, short for Absorb, Vent, Adapt.
  • Unparalleled impact absorption.
  • Generously ventilated.
  • Adaptive and individual fit.
  • Grippy surface at the back for a secure fit.
  • Air channels at the back for enhanced airflow.
  • Ergonomic and breathable shin guard sleeves included.
  • Available in three sizes.

Protect yourself on the pitch with Flaxta's flexible and ventilated football shin guards. Use the size chart below as a guide to find the right size for you.

 Size Sizing Shin Guard Height Player height
Small 16 cm 6.3 inch 120-140 cm 3'11" - 4'7"
Medium 18.5 cm 12.5 inch 140-160 cm 4'7″ - 5'3″
Large 21.5 cm 16 inch 160-180 cm 5'3″ - 5'11″


Some prefer to wear a smaller shin guard possible because they want to be more flexible and move freely, while some prefer a added size for extra protection. Whoever you are, make sure the shin guards are the proper size according to your playing style.

These guidelines have been issued as a guide only. If you have a specific sizing question or would like to have more information, please contact us at

Introducing Ventilation

A new level of football protection and performance.