The reason behind

The safest back protector is the one you use. 

With that in mind, we created the Behold back protector. We want more people to consider wearing back protection.

Our back protectors target all skiers and snowboarders who find current back protectors too stiff, warm and bulky. Getting these riders to consider wearing a back protector has been our main focus and we are excited to contribute and make skiing and snowboarding safer.

The result is the most ventilated, flexible and low profile certified back protector on the market. Available for men, women and kids.

Used and preferred by passionate and talented skiers and snowboards all over the world, including 13 time X Games medalist Henrik Harlaut.

The AVA compound

The back plate is made from our AVA compound. AVA is based on a viscoelastic polymer and reduces impact force by viscous and elastic deformation. It deforms AND stiffens, which means that the impact energy is both spread out, as well as absorbed. By optimizing and balancing its properties carefully, we have been able to meet the certification requirements, while offering an unprecedented level of flexibility and ventilation.

The EN1621-2 testing standard

All back protection for skiing and snowboarding are certified according to the European standard EN-1621-2, which assesses products designed to protect the back/spine. The EN1621-2 standard is designed to assess the protective performance of a back protector by measuring the transmitted force during an impact.

EN1621-2 is also the standard used for certifying back protectors used for Motorcycling, meaning the required level of protection is high to pass the certification at any level.

In addition to the standard certification requirements, all protection aimed for winter sport also needs to pass the same requirements in -20 °C. 

The certifications

All our back protectors, along with some of the most popular back protectors on the market, are certified according to EN1621-2, Level 1. This means it fulfills the requirements of Level 1 in room temperature and -20 °C. 

Overview of EN1621-2 Level 1 and 2:

  • Level 1 = the average peak force transmitted through the protector is less than 18kN, with no single value exceeding 24kN.
  • Level 2 = the average peak force transmitted through the protector is less than 9kN, with no single value exceeding 12kN. 

Our back protector is tested and certified by the well established Certification Institute, Ricotest s.r.l, based in Italy with many years experience in certification of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).