Product information

Limited edition: Created by – and for – Daniel Bacher.

The Continuous goggles have been designed for enhanced peripheral vision

The spherical double lens by ZEISS incorporates Enlight lens technology. Enlight lenses filter visual information and boost contrast, which allows for faster reaction times and a safer ride.

The adaptive frame construction and thermo shaped face foam secures a close and perfect fit.

Frame size: Large/Medium
Interchangeable lens: Yes (Shop spare lenses)
Helmet compatible: Yes 

Product details

  • Limited edition.
  • Created by – and for – Daniel Bacher.
  • Spherical double lens by ZEISS.
  • Designed for enhanced peripheral vision.
  • Adaptive frame construction for an individual fit.
  • 3-layer thermo shaped face foam.
  • Enlight lens technology that maximizes contrast.
  • Silicone on the inside of the strap.
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch treated.

Lens overview

  • Light red lens, Category 0-1
  • Silver mirror lens, Category 2
  • Gold mirror lens, Category 2
  • Blue mirror lens, Category 2
  • Black lens, Category 3-4

    Created in partnership with ZEISS

    ZEISS has been a leader in optics for over 150 years, and it's no surprise that ZEISS ski goggle lenses are considered best-in-class.

    Together with ZEISS, we have created a wide range lenses designed to deliver exceptional clarity and performance, thanks to their advanced coatings and tints, making them a top choice for skiers of all levels.

    Don't let changing weather or light conditions slow you down.

    Our all-round ski goggle lenses are specifically designed to perform throughout the day, even in changing weather conditions. Whether you're skiing in bright sunshine or overcast skies, our lenses are up to the task, thanks to their advanced coatings and tints.

    With our all-round lenses, you can enjoy maximum visibility and clarity on the mountain.

    Enlight Lens Technology

    All of our lenses have been developed in close collaboration with ZEISS and feature Flaxta's Enlight technology. 

    Enlight lenses boost contrast and improve reaction times to make you safer on the mountain.

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