Concepts and Technologies

By exploring both analog and digital solutions to improve the level of safety for our users, we see a significant opportunity to create better protection.

AVA Protection System

AVA is short for (Absorb, Vent and Adapt) is a unique protection system that brings absorption, ventilation and adaption to an unprecedented new level. Created by Flaxta in partnership with leading polymer experts.

AVA protection system has been integrated into

Enlight Lens Technology

Our Enlight lenses filter visual information and boost contrast, allowing you to see the mountain and the snow with greater clarity and react faster to changing conditions. 

Enlight has been developed in close collaboration with the industry leader in optics, ZEISS, and our lenses are designed to provide skiers and snowboarders with the ultimate vision, performance and safety on the mountain.

Enlight Lens Technology has been integrated into

Aware Connected Safety

Aware is an award-winning and pioneering new digital safety solution designed to measure, analyze and display real-time data critical to identifying the severity of head impacts.

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