an unprecedented combination of protection, flexibility and ventilation.

AVA Protection System

Developed internally and together with leading polymer experts.

Introducing AVA

AVA is short for Absorb, Vent and Adapt, and is a unique protection system that brings absorption, ventilation, and adaption to a whole new level.

It has been developed together with leading polymer experts.

AVA is based on a viscoelastic polymer that reduces impact force by viscous and elastic deformation. It deforms and stiffens, meaning that the impact energy is both spread out and absorbed. 

By balancing its properties carefully, we've been able to meet the certification requirements while offering an unprecedented combination of protection, flexibility and ventilation.

Back Protection Redefined

The Story Behind our Back Protector

AVA has been integrated into our back protectors for skiing and snowboarding, and has allowed us to create the most ventilated, flexible, and low-profile certified back protector on the market; Behold.

Behold is available for men, women, and kids, and perfect for skiers and snowboarders who find current back protectors too stiff, warm, and bulky.

Try it out for yourself and feel the difference.

Your new favorite back protector

The safest back protector is the one you use

With the Behold back protector, we want to make back protection accessible to all skiers and snowboarders, especially those who find current options too stiff, warm and bulky.

The idea behind Behold is to eliminate the decision of whether to wear a back protector or not, by making it feel like a comfortable and seamless addition to your gear. More of a mid-layer, rather than a traditional back protector.

With its low-profile design and our unique AVA back plate, you'll barely notice you're even wearing a back protector.

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Behold Back Protector

Ride with confidence

Certified to EN1621-2 standard

All of our back protectors are certified according to the European standard EN-1621-2, which assesses products designed to protect the back and spine.

This standard is also used for certifying back protectors used for motorcycling, which means that the required level of protection is high.

In addition to standard certification requirements, all protection aimed for winter sports also needs to pass the same requirements in -20 °C.

We've got your back

Used and preferred by Henrik Harlaut

Flaxta is proudly supporting Henrik Harlaut. He is the most decorated skier in X Games history, and is also considered one of the most innovative and influential skiers of all time.
🗯️ “Flaxta's take on back protection is refreshing and allows me to focus on my skiing without having to worry about my equipment.
– Henrik Harlaut

Henrik is wearing the Behold Back Protector from Flaxta.

Praised and featured by the Verge

We are honored and grateful to have our Behold back protector recognized by The Verge and included in their list of "The best snowboarding and skiing gadgets.

"Because it’s so thin and it breathes so well, my back didn’t get sweaty at all and I completely forgot that I had it on"
– Brent Rose, The Verge 

Try the most ventilated, flexible, and low-profile certified back protector on the market.

Your new favorite back protector.

Available for men, women, and kids.