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Redefining sports protection since 2018

About Flaxta

Flaxta is built on a mission of redefining sports protection through a thoughtful approach to performance, style, and innovation.

It’s a challenge and reminder to constantly rethink, innovate and be creative. We want to change how you look at protection and ultimately the definition of what a sports protection brand can be, do and look like. It's about pushing boundaries, defying norms, and challenging conventions,

Our award-winning products have been created to offer a new level of protection and performance, while igniting the passion of our users on the football field and on the mountain.

On the field, our innovative shin guards and protective headbands provide a unique combination of protection, comfort, ventilation and flexibility for football players at all levels.

For skiing and snowboarding, we offer a range of helmets, goggles, and back protection that prioritize comfort and safety, designed to provide maximum protection while also being comfortable, ventilated, and beautifully designed.

Join us on this journey as we push the boundaries of what's possible and set a new standard for sports protection.

Award-winning sports protection

Through our unwavering commitment to protection and performance, we have earned recognition, awards and the trust from leading industry magazines, satisfied customers, retailers, and athletes across the globe.

Protecting the Best – in the World's Biggest Leagues

Our History

Flaxta was founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, by a group of passionate individuals dedicated to making an impact and innovating the world of sports protection.

By continuously seeking new materials, solutions, and functionality to improve the level of safety for our users, our goal is to keep them safe while enhancing their passions and experiences through our products.

Since our inception, we have created products that have turned heads and received numerous awards and recognitions worldwide.

Our small, yet experienced team takes great pride in our extensive background in the sporting goods industry, as well as with other globally renowned and respected brands. With expertise in protective compounds, materials, safety standards, design, sales and marketing, we have a clear vision of building something meaningful together.

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last few years and are excited to continue innovating and making a difference in the world of sports protection.

Snow Protection

Flaxta offers a range of innovative products including helmets, goggles, and back protection. Our line of snow sports helmets is designed to provide maximum protection while also being comfortable, ventilated and beautifully designed.

The popular Deep Space helmet collection, the revolutionary Behold back protector, award-winning goggles, and the unique Flaxta ID concept are just a few examples of Flaxta's commitment to quality and creativity.

The brand also offers a full Junior collection of goggles, helmets, and back protection, making Flaxta a mandatory consideration for everyone looking prioritizing protection and comfort while skiing or snowboarding.

Football Protection

Flaxta's football products are designed to make the beautiful game safer for all players, at every level. We take safety and performance to a new level with our innovative shin guards, providing unparalleled protection, comfort, and performance.

With our protective headbands, we are addressing the growing concerns of head injuries and concussions in football, providing essential protection for players.

Play with confidence and stay focused on the game with Flaxta.