We're excited to share that our Behold Back Protector has been featured by Mountain Life! Discover why skiers and snowboarders are choosing Behold for next-level protection and comfort on the mountain, and see what the experts at Mountain Life had to say about the Behold.

We're thrilled to share some fantastic news! Our Behold Back Protector, renowned for its unparalleled blend of protection, comfort, ventilation, and flexibility, has recently earned more remarkable recognition. This time from Mountain Life.

As skiers and snowboarders worldwide continue to choose Behold as their go-to back protector, we couldn't be more proud of the feedback and praise we've received from the experts at Mountain Life.

Here's a glimpse into what they have to say:

🗯️ “It’s very lightweight and breathable, and it doesn’t feel like wearing armor. It feels like a vest.” — Mountain Life

This recognition from Mountain Life is another testament to the dedication and innovation behind our Behold Back Protector.

If you haven't already, grab your new favorite back protector and experience the difference for yourself!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from Flaxta as we continue to push the boundaries of sports protection.

And remember, with Behold, we've got your back!