Behold Women

Behold is the most ventilated, flexible and low-profile back protector on the market. It's praised and awarded by the magazines, trusted by our ambassadors, and loved by customers around the world.

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The Behold Back Protector has been featured by The Verge and Mountain Life, and is used and preferred by Henrik Harlaut.
Certification: EN 1621-2, Level 1 standard
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Product information

Take your skiing and snowboarding experience to the next level with our revolutionary Behold Women's back protector. Designed specifically for female riders, Behold Women offers the perfect balance of protection and comfort.

Behold is the most ventilated, flexible, and low-profile on the market, making it perfect for riders who are looking for protection without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. The unique Flaxta AVA protection system (Absorb, Vent, and Adapt) ensures unmatched absorption, ventilation, and flexibility, allowing you to move freely and comfortably on the mountain.

Behold has been featured by The Verge and was included in their "The best snowboarding and skiing gadgets". (Read more here)

We understand that traditional back protectors can be stiff, warm, and bulky, which is why we've made it our mission to design back protectors that are comfortable, flexible, and easy to wear for everyone. With Behold, you no longer have to choose between protection, comfort, and flexibility.

Certified according to EN 1621-2, Level 1 standard, you can trust that our Behold Women's back protector is of the highest quality and safety standards. Make it your go-to choice for a safe and comfortable skiing and snowboarding experience.

Product details

Back protector:
  • Incorporating AVA protection system, short for Absorb, Vent, Adapt
  • Low profile
  • Lightweight, flexible, and highly ventilated
  • Certified according to EN 1621-2, Level 1 standard


  • Women's specific cut
  • Constructed for flexibility and breathability 
  • Removable elastic waistband
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Your new favorite back protector.

Created for skiers and snowboarders who demand it all; comfort, ventilation, flexibility, and protection.

Back Protection. Redefined.

Experience the difference: Behold Women

✓ Praised and awarded by the magazines.
✓ Trusted by our ambassadors and athletes.
✓ Loved by customers around the world.

Behold is the most ventilated, flexible and low-profile back protector on the market.

THE WORD ON THE MOUNTAIN – What customers are saying
I never really liked back protectors until i got this one. Its like a T-shirt and you don't even feel it under the other layers.
— Ralph
I’ve been skiing with back protector for 23 years now and this is the best one I’ve had so far.
— Sanne
The best product I've ever bought for myself.
— Sascha
I have had this back protector for three years now. It is amazing. I don’t even notice I am wearing it. I will never ski without it.
— Fiamma
The most comfortable back protector ever! Feels more like a thin 2nd layer vest!
— Mikael
The best back protector out there! Insanely comfortable to wear and super breathable.
— Simon
Normally, I would never wear a back protector until I was given this one!
— Rebecca
Henrik Harlaut's Back Protector of Choice

Used and preferred by Henrik Harlaut

Henrik Harlaut is one of the most innovative and influential skiers of all time. He's a 13-time X Games medallist, which makes him the most decorated skier in X Games history.

Henrik Harlaut represents Flaxta and wears the the unique Behold back protector.

Flaxta’s take on back protection is refreshing. It gives me an opportunity to focus on my skiing without having to worry about my equipment.” – Henrik Harlaut

The secret behind our back protector

The AVA Back Plate

The unqiue compound integrated into our Behold back protector is called AVA. AVA (short for Absorb, Vent and Adapt) has been developed by Flaxta in collaboration with leading polymer experts.

It's based on a viscoelastic polymer that reduces impact force by viscous and elastic deformation. It deforms and stiffens, meaning that the impact energy is both spread out and absorbed. 

By balancing its properties carefully, we've been able to create a back protector with an unprecedented combination of protection, comfort, flexility, and ventilation.

Endorsed by The Verge

Featured by The Verge

Our popular Behold back protector by Flaxta has been featured by The Verge and included in their "The best snowboarding and skiing gadgets.

"Because it’s so thin and it breathes so well (due to all the holes in it), my back didn’t get sweaty at all and I completely forgot that I had it on."

Your new favorite back protector


The most ventilated, flexible, and low-profile back protector on the market.

The story behind

Creating Behold

With the Behold back protector, we want to make back protection accessible to all skiers and snowboarders, especially those who find current options too stiff, warm and bulky.

The idea behind Behold is to eliminate the decision of whether to wear a back protector or not, by making it feel like a comfortable and seamless addition to your gear. More of a mid-layer, rather than a traditional back protector.

With its low-profile design and our unique AVA back plate, you'll barely notice you're even wearing a back protector.

Protection – ventilation – Comfort

Experience the difference!

What size should I get?

Finding the perfect fit ensures both your comfort and protection. Explore our size chart to discover the ideal match for your Behold Back Protector.

If you have a specific sizing question or would like to have more information, please contact us at


Back Protection. Redefined.

To wear or not to wear back protection?
– That is not a question.

For skiers and snowboarders, prioritizing safety on the slopes should be non-negotiable. Wearing a back protector like our Behold Back Protector Vest is a proactive step towards protecting yourself on the mountain.

In recent years, the snow sports community has increasingly recognized the significance of back protection. Many experts now advocate for the mandatory use of back protectors, just as helmets have become standard gear.

At Flaxta, we understand that safety shouldn't come at the cost of comfort. That's why our Behold Back Protector Vest strikes the perfect balance between dependable protection and a high level of comfort.

Gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for protection; with our Behold Back Protector, you no longer have to choose between the two. Our innovative design ensures you can ski or snowboard with peace of mind, knowing that you're protected while experiencing unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement.

We've got your back!