Your new favorite shin guards.
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The shin guards you truly deserve. Experience a unique combination of protection, comfort, and ventilation with the Aircon Shin Guards.

🌟 Flexible design for a comfortable and precise fit.
🌬️ Superior ventilation for a pleasantly cool feeling.
🛡️ Excellent shock absorption for maximum confidence.
🧼 Easy cleaning and odor-free.

Size Guide

Certification: EN 13061:2009

Shin guard sleeves included
X-Small and Small shin guards come with sleeves in Small/Medium sleeves. Medium and Large shin guards come with sleeves in size Large.

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Product information

Your new favorite shin guards!

Introducing the Flaxta Aircon shin guards, designed with a revolutionary AVA compound that delivers a unique combination of protection, ventilation and flexibility.

The Aircon adapts to the shape of your legs, ensuring a snug and personalized fit. The grippy inside surface helps keeping the guards securely in place, so you can focus on your game without worrying about them shifting or slipping. We also include ergonomic and breathable shin guard sleeves that keep them in place exactly where you need them.

The Flaxta Aircon shin guards are generously ventilated, with air channels at the back that further increase airflow and comfort. The breathable design allows air to flow through the shin guards, reducing the risk of skin irritation and chafing. This is especially important during intense games or practices when you need to perform at your best. With increased airflow, your skin can breathe easier and stay cooler, helping you stay comfortable and focused on the field.

With the Flaxta Aircon shin guards, you'll experience a new level of protection and performance. Don't settle for uncomfortable, ill-fitting shin guards that hinder your game.

Try Flaxta's breathable, comfortable shin guards and feel the difference

Product details

  • Incorporating AVA protection system, short for Absorb, Vent, Adapt.
  • Unparalleled impact absorption.
  • Generously ventilated.
  • Adaptive and individual fit.
  • Easy to clean and odor-free.
  • Grippy surface at the back for a secure fit.
  • Air channels at the back for enhanced airflow.
  • Ergonomic and breathable shin guard sleeves included.
  • Available in four sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.
  • Certified according to the 13061:2009 standard.
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Word on the pitch – What our customers are saying
The most comfortable shin guards I’ve ever worn in 25 years of football. Super recommended!
— Andrea
The shin guards fit great and I don't even feel them when playing, unlike my previous shin guards which were hard and uncomfortable. Thank you so much!
— Janina
This is the best shin guards in the world. A perfect fit!
— Rene
Great product, great service and brand
— Mikkel
When I first tried them during practice, I absolutely fell in love with them! They are small, perfectly designed, and incredibly soft. Not only that, but they also stay securely fixed in place, which is a huge plus!
— Therese
Usually hate wearing shin pads as they interfere with running stride but these feel like you are wearing nothing but still offer strong protection - like magic!
— Mark
The shin guard fits exactly to your shin. No slipping and no pressing. Simple in super shin guards. Buy recommendation!
— Stefan
Got my lad these two weeks ago he's played 2 games and trains acouple of times a week . By far the best shin pads he has had. After every session he says I forgot I had them on and he's legs are less sweaty also in the session he says he feels more free to move and less restricted.
— Michael
Shin Guards. Redefined.

Aircon Shin Guards

➔ Ventilated for peak performance
The unique design ensures a high level of ventilation. The strategically placed air channels at the back further enhance airflow, keeping your legs cool and dry throughout the game.

➔ Certified Protection – Maximum confidence
Aircon is certified according to the rigorous European 13061:2009 shin guard standard and has been tested to meet NOCSAE standards, guaranteeing optimal protection on the field.

➔ The harder the hit, the better it gets
Our internal testing, conducted at one of Europe's leading test centers, demonstrates Aircon's exceptional energy absorption capabilities. It outperforms competitors by up to 2.5 times during high-energy impacts, providing you with unrivaled confidence.

➔ Stay Comfortable – Play Unstoppable
The flexible design ensures a comfortable and precise fit, allowing the shin guards to mold perfectly to your legs.

➔ Easy cleaning and odor-free
Cleaning your shin guards has never been easier. A quick rinse is all it takes to make your Aircons look like new. Additionally, with the innovative closed compound design, you can wave goodbye to germs and unpleasant odors and enjoy a consistently fresh experience.

Feel the Difference

Protecting the Best – in the World's Biggest Leagues

Chosen by Champions

The Aircon shin guards are trusted and favored by football players worldwide, including Nico Domínguez, the Argentinian World Champion and player for Nottingham Forest.

Protection - Ventilation - Flexibility

Your new favorite shin guards

Press play to find out why

👀 The Secret to our Aircon Shin Guards

Creating Aircon

When we set out to create the Aircon shin guards, we collaborated with players of all levels to understand their main frustrations when it comes to shin guards. The main concerns revolved around discomfort and ill-fitting shin guards, and we quickly saw three main areas to focus on:
✓ Flexibility and fit.
✓ Airflow and ventilation.
✓ All without sacrificing protection.
This led to the creation of our revolutionary compound; AVA, which is short for Absorb, Vent, and Adapt.

Developed in partnership with leading polymer experts, AVA is a viscoelastic polymer that is truly a game-changer. It’s soft, allows for generous ventilation, and deals with impact force by combining viscous and elastic deformation; meaning that it’s spreading and absorbing the energy in the event of an impact.
Thanks to AVA, we were able to create our Aircon shin guards, which offer an unprecedented combination of comfort, performance, and protection.
Say hello to the future of football shin guards: The Aircon.

What size should I get?

Some players prefer to wear smaller shin guards because they want to be more flexible and move freely, while some prefer bigger shin guards for extra protection. Make sure the shin guards are the proper size according to your preference and playing style.


Experience a new level of protection and performance.