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Intersport Patrick

Explore our 22/23 Winter collection at Intersport Patrick, including:

The Deep Space helmet collection
Designed with a holistic approach to protection and comfort, our helmets also incorporates award-winning safety features such as Mips, twICEme, and Recco.

Behold Back Protector
The most flexible, ventilated and low-profile back protector on the market.

Flaxta ID
Flaxta ID is a unique concept that allows you to personalize your Deep Space helmet and get a unique combination of protection, comfort and style.

Make it Yours

Introducing Flaxta ID

Create your own Deep Space helmet with our Flaxta ID design accessories.

Visit our friends at Intersport Patrcik to get started.


Stay safe and comfortable on the mountain with Flaxta's collection of ski and snowboard helmets. All of the helmets have been designed with a holistic approach to protection and comfort, featuring generous ventilation and easy adjustability.

Your new favorite back protector

Behold Back Protector

The Behold back protector is the most ventilated, flexible, and low-profile back protector on the market, making it perfect for all levels of snow sports enthusiasts.

Behold is available in men's, women's, and kids's specific versions, so you can find the perfect fit for every member of the family.

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Whether you're skiing or snowboarding, our goggles will keep you protected and comfortable on the mountain.

All of our lenses have been developed in close collaboration with ZEISS and feature Flaxta's Enlight technology, which boosts contrast and improves reaction times.

Flaxta 22/23 Winter Collection

Explore our selection of winter sports helmets, goggles and back protection.

Award-winning protection for skiing and snowboarding. Available for men, women and children.